April 21st – Another blooming lovely day

Not too much to say today, but hopefully a nice picture for you. This was taken whilst taking the dogs out earlier. The blossom and blue skies definitely helps lift ones spirits. Imagine if we had to endure lockdown during mid winter, with cold weather and grey skies. Let’s all stay home, stay safe andContinue reading “April 21st – Another blooming lovely day”

April 20th – What so you see?

Today’s photo, captured on my phone, could quite possibly be the worst photo I have ever taken. You can’t really see what it is…… Which actually is the point of today’s post. Confused? Thought so …. Let me explain…. Whilst on my walk with the 4 legged children today, I ‘safely’ saw/passed a few folkContinue reading “April 20th – What so you see?”

April 18th – Anxiety

Today’s post is inspired by the dog walk and photo below. We went through some woods filled with wild garlic, just coming out in white flowers. So what does this have to do with anxiety I hear you ask? Well, there is a technique called the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding exercise. There are a few variations ofContinue reading “April 18th – Anxiety”

April 7th – More help in the garden

Another fabulous day weather wise and so we carried on with some chores around the garden. One of our lovely neighbours had started a bonfire and had asked if we had any rubbish that we needed to get rid of as all of the recycling centres are closed due to Corona Virus (keeping a safeContinue reading “April 7th – More help in the garden”

March 28th – Escape, Run for the hills!!

OK, a bit dramatic I’ll grant you, but it was great to get out with the 4 legged children this afternoon. We are extremely lucky to live where we do, and although we love travelling, the countryside right on our doorstep is just stunning. The picture’s below is inspired by the classic film – AContinue reading “March 28th – Escape, Run for the hills!!”

Feb 28th – Exhilaration…

Another beach day today, as the weather remains fab, and we want to enjoy it whilst it lasts. It also happens to be a bank holiday in Spain. That coupled with the good weather has resulted in everywhere being very busy, especially the beach where we are (Ensenda de Valdevaqueros). This is a hot spotContinue reading “Feb 28th – Exhilaration…”