Feb 25th – Problem solving

Once again, Alfie, our 18 month old Large Munsterlander takes centre stage. We had a quiet day today, as the sun was shining and where we camped was quiet, and right next to a great beach, so we chilled and read our books, I even managed some yoga on the beach, but obviously the dogs needed to be exercised.

All 3 of the dogs are ‘obsessed’ with balls, and in the shot today Alfie somehow managed to get hold of 2 of them. Watching him trying to get both of them in his mouth (which he did manage) was hysterical. dropping one to pick up the other to see if it would make any difference.

He showed great tenacity, and tried several different ways of achieving his goal. He wouldn’t be beaten, all traits of a good problem solver. The look of joy and his wagging tail when he achieved his aim was priceless.

He is a complete goon, but we love him. He is a real character and always brings a smile to our faces with his crazy antics.

“you’re not taking them off of me!!”

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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