May 16th – Memories

Again, love it or hate it, Facebook does pop up some memories which takes us back to different events. This time last year we were a few days into our Motorhome trip up to Scotland, and the weather was great. We took the woofers on a lovely walk on the Northumberland coast. Sitting here inContinue reading “May 16th – Memories”

May 15th – Night-time guests

We closed our B&B over 18 months ago but we still get guests that haven’t pre-booked turn up. This little chap tried to check in, but the 4 legged children said “NO!!” After that it was a little camera shy These little critters are in decline, and we don’t get to see them often. IfContinue reading “May 15th – Night-time guests”

May 14th – Help required??

You may be able to help. Alfie, our Large Munsterlander has a problem. The symptoms? Well he says that he occasionally has a syndrome which increases the weight of his head. It’s so bad, he needs to rest his chin on something. After much observation, this syndrome seems to be triggered by nice smells comingContinue reading “May 14th – Help required??”

May 11th – Price of property

Two deer …. Sorry – Couldn’t resist the dad joke…. Today’s photo was taken whilst walking the hounds from hell, who thankfully didn’t see them. It is so nice to be out and about in the countryside, looking for wildlife like these guys. Obviously, you don’t see wildlife on every trip, especially when you haveContinue reading “May 11th – Price of property”

May 9th – When neighbours don’t respect boundaries….

Sorry neighbours….. Alfie has been a bit vocal today. Some heifers were very inquisitive today, looking over the back fence (not to mention eating one of our tree’s). Alfie took it upon himself to tell them off, from a safe distance of course, on numerous occasions.

May 5th – Callie…

4 years ago this little bundle of joy arrived in our home. Being the niece of Velvet, we thought their temperament would be similar…. How wrong could we be. Callie is a very chilled dog, loves / craves attention, and is incredibly loyal. She is full of energy and is brilliant at coming back whenContinue reading “May 5th – Callie…”

April 29th – dying fly…

If you have, or have ever owned a Flatcoat Retriever you’ll recognise this classic (certainly not classy) sleeping pose. It’s a good job our lounge is a fair size to have 2 sofas otherwise we’d be sitting on the floor. Callie is currently out for the count, and snoring her head off, but I’m sureContinue reading “April 29th – dying fly…”