October 1st – Irish Gulls…..

How do you know they were Irish I hear you ask? Well, this morning I was sat on my spin bike at the local gym, warming up prior to a class. The bikes have been moved into one of the undercover tennis courts to comply with covid safety measures, and after a few minutes IContinue reading “October 1st – Irish Gulls…..”

September 29th – Bath time?

Alfie was a little confused when he saw this little chap having a bath in his outdoors drinking bowl. We were sat out enjoying the sunshine with a coffee, whilst this little Robin provided the entertainment. 10 fun facts about Robins: 1. Robins are very territorial and you’ll usually only see 2 together when they’reContinue reading “September 29th – Bath time?”

June 26th – Harvest time

Our cherry tree is absolutely loaded this year. The cherries are a tad tart, but still tasty. I grabbed a kilo this year and left the rest for our feathered friends. Now to decide what to do with them….. Cherry Gin Liquor, Cherry brandy or maybe a tart….Although, I could do the booze route andContinue reading “June 26th – Harvest time”

June 12th – The grass is always greener

Firstly, an apology. I have missed a few days but will endeavour to catch up over the next few days. Life has been hectic with our lounge being decorated through last week and other jobs that required doing, but thankfully my head is appearing back above the surface. Today’s picture is of one of ourContinue reading “June 12th – The grass is always greener”

May 22nd – Dust bath

More work in the garden today, reclaiming a lot of ground in the chicken run by being brutal with the hedge cutter, chain saw and rotavator. The chickens were delighted and immediately had a great dust bath. Dust bathing is also a very important ritual for chickens, serving the purpose of keeping their feathers clean,Continue reading “May 22nd – Dust bath”

May 12th – Where are the strings?

I got another slap for this comment when my eagle eyed wife said “look at the Red kites”. Not my best photo, as they were very high, but nice to see anyway. After being almost wiped out in the UK, a re-introduction programme was launched. In 1989, six Swedish birds were released at a siteContinue reading “May 12th – Where are the strings?”

May 10th – Building without planning permission!

We have been having a coffee in the morning out the front, and have noticed a very industrious builder incredibly close to the house…… OK – There’s a pair of pigeons constantly in and out of our hedge, and I am not sure about building a nest? The amount of work and material they takeContinue reading “May 10th – Building without planning permission!”