October 1st – Irish Gulls…..

How do you know they were Irish I hear you ask? Well, this morning I was sat on my spin bike at the local gym, warming up prior to a class. The bikes have been moved into one of the undercover tennis courts to comply with covid safety measures, and after a few minutes I heard the tapping of little feet on the roof, a gull version of river-dance, and Michael Flatley would have been proud.

I was amused by the shadows they cast on the roof for some, hence today’s picture.

I was telling my clever step daughter the story whilst out for a walk later this afternoon. She is studying marine conservation at Uni, and we got chatting about Gulls. Most people call them sea gulls which is an incorrect term. Most of the gulls we see in the UK are Herring gulls, and their numbers are falling rapidly (50% in the last 25 years) due mainly to fish stocks falling and them eating anything they can find inland which leads too many being poisoned. They are now a protected species. You can read more here.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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