May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….

How are you coping? Living in close proximity to loved ones for an extended period, with no interactions with others can really test relationships In order to survive I believe it takes understanding, empathy, humour, and compromise. I normally drive my wife up the wall, but on this occasion she couldn’t find a wall soContinue reading “May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….”

May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy

We’ve all see them, but do we appreciate them. Bees are so important to our agriculture, pollinating our crops. Without bees it is estimated our farmers would spend ÂŁ1.8 billion to pollinate. Bees also appear in many parts of our culture. From pub signs and town names, from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, from beehive hair-dosContinue reading “May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy”

May 22nd – Dust bath

More work in the garden today, reclaiming a lot of ground in the chicken run by being brutal with the hedge cutter, chain saw and rotavator. The chickens were delighted and immediately had a great dust bath. Dust bathing is also a very important ritual for chickens, serving the purpose of keeping their feathers clean,Continue reading “May 22nd – Dust bath”

May 21st – Small things

A little photo from my little wander with the woofers this afternoon. This little chap was busy flitting from one bush to another. I have no idea what type is, nor whether it is a moth or a flutterby…. whoops butterfly 🙂 but it got me thinking about what it would be like to beContinue reading “May 21st – Small things”

May 20th – So close

Thankfully golf courses are back open with covid precautions to help prevent the spread. I play at Orchardleigh, and the depth of holes have been reduced, and flags are not allowed to be removed. Players must also stay 2 meters away from each other. It is great to be back out playing again, especially onContinue reading “May 20th – So close”

May 19th – White Horse

Whilst walking the 4 legged children I often stop and just take in the view. Today’s photo is of the Westbury (or Bratton) White Horse, which can just be seen in the distance on a clear day. It is located on the edge of Bratton Downs and lying just below an Iron Age hill fort, it is the oldestContinue reading “May 19th – White Horse”

May 18th – Queues

The new normal? I’m not sure how many will agree with this observation, but since the 2m rule, people seem a lot more chilled and easy going. The queues I have been in are generally well ordered, and people tend to chat to others in the line. No pushing and shoving. Let’s hope it continuesContinue reading “May 18th – Queues”