Feb 13th – community

On our travels we have stopped at a lot of different places, from scrub land with no facilities, to campsites with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. We like the quiet life, and so we were a little apprehensive about the choice of stop for the last few nights. It can only beContinue reading “Feb 13th – community”

Feb 12th – What do you do for a living?

Today’s photo is about w-o-r-k….. That was a struggle to say :)….but this guy is a hair-dresser for palm trees. If I’d asked him he probably replied ‘I’m a tree surgeon’, but I’ll play the ‘artist license’ card, and with the machete being tossed around 25 meters up, and didn’t think he would appreciate beingContinue reading “Feb 12th – What do you do for a living?”

Feb 8th – Health and safety???

A bit of comedy for today’s post. Whilst walking today we came across this tree, apparently being supported by a small plank of wood 🤣🤣, or was the tree holding the plank in place??🤣🤣 You can imagine the insurance claim…. ‘well I was walking down the street and a tree fell on me, it obviouslyContinue reading “Feb 8th – Health and safety???”