May 29th – Dinner party

Just over a week ago two dear friends arrived in their motorhome. Clive and Sarah rented out their house to go on a 12 month trip around Europe in their motorhome. Like many others, this was severely disrupted by Covid-19 and they needed to make a dash back to the UK, but had no homeContinue reading “May 29th – Dinner party”

May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy

We’ve all see them, but do we appreciate them. Bees are so important to our agriculture, pollinating our crops. Without bees it is estimated our farmers would spend £1.8 billion to pollinate. Bees also appear in many parts of our culture. From pub signs and town names, from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, from beehive hair-dosContinue reading “May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy”

May 14th – Help required??

You may be able to help. Alfie, our Large Munsterlander has a problem. The symptoms? Well he says that he occasionally has a syndrome which increases the weight of his head. It’s so bad, he needs to rest his chin on something. After much observation, this syndrome seems to be triggered by nice smells comingContinue reading “May 14th – Help required??”

April 17th – Dinner

It was my turn to muster something up for dinner this evening, yikes, fire brigade on standby…. We’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry on, which is easy watching. We also have a few of his books so along with inspiration from the program and a few reminders from the book. Anyway, IContinue reading “April 17th – Dinner”