June 23rd – Memories of people passed

Whilst cutting the lawn in the front my eye caught our lovely fuchsias. The detail on the flower heads always amazes me, especially in the sunshine and always makes me think of the late Mother-in-law. She loved her garden and a lot of the fuchsias come from cuttings of her plants from North Devon. WheneverContinue reading “June 23rd – Memories of people passed”

June 26th – Harvest time

Our cherry tree is absolutely loaded this year. The cherries are a tad tart, but still tasty. I grabbed a kilo this year and left the rest for our feathered friends. Now to decide what to do with them….. Cherry Gin Liquor, Cherry brandy or maybe a tart….Although, I could do the booze route andContinue reading “June 26th – Harvest time”

June 13th – Flamingo’s in Somerset?

I am no gardener, and quite un-observant normally, but I did notice lovely little flowers on a small tree we have on the front lawn. Apparently it’s common name is a Flamingo willow, but the proper name is Salix integra¬†‘Hakuro-nishiki’. It is a is a deciduous shrub or small tree, with branches that droop slightlyContinue reading “June 13th – Flamingo’s in Somerset?”

June 12th – The grass is always greener

Firstly, an apology. I have missed a few days but will endeavour to catch up over the next few days. Life has been hectic with our lounge being decorated through last week and other jobs that required doing, but thankfully my head is appearing back above the surface. Today’s picture is of one of ourContinue reading “June 12th – The grass is always greener”