November 7th – Colour

Today’s picture comes from our back garden. The colours in the acer and Euonymus Europaeus Spindle Tree are fabulous at the moment and it certainly brightens our day. Hopefully it will brighten your day also. Nature is a great reminder that our world hasn’t completely changed. We may be going through a stormy period atContinue reading “November 7th – Colour”

November 2nd – Rhododendron

We came across a rhododendron in flower in November whilst walking the woofers! It was in Cornwall but they are usually in bloom in March. There are over 1,000 species of this plant and it enjoys cool climates with well-drained, slightly acidic soil. They are widely cultivated for their beautiful fragrant flowers and ornamental leaves. These leaves are arranged in aContinue reading “November 2nd – Rhododendron”

October 17th – A big stick?

The hounds found a hollow in a huge tree to explore on our way yesterday. The hollow was very large, despite the tree still being alive A tree hollow is a cavity in a living tree. Tree holes can be caused when an injury to the tree, such as breakage of a limb, creates an opening through the bark and exposesContinue reading “October 17th – A big stick?”

September 4th – Old pair of jeans grow on plants???

Oh…. I must get my ears checked,  Aubergines grow on plants 🤣. Mrs L was given this plant for her birthday from a friend and she is delighted to announce that there are already 2 fruits (yes, fruit not vegetables), and lots more flowers. According to Wikipedia…..Eggplant, aubergine or brinjal is a plant species inContinue reading “September 4th – Old pair of jeans grow on plants???”

August 22nd – Water Lily

Our new water lily produced it’s first flower today, so I thought i’d share it with you. As normal I tried to find a weird and wacky fact ….. The bulb and root are used to make medicine. People take American white water lily by mouth for diarrhoea and apply it to the body for vaginal conditions, diseases ofContinue reading “August 22nd – Water Lily”

August 4th – Pretty impostor…

We have a weed in our lawn, but it’s pretty so we’re leaving it in. Not quite sure what it is, but plantsnap suggests that it maybe a common / dwarf mallow (Malva neglacta). If it is this, then the plant is considered a weed, but is often consumed as food, especially the seeds whichContinue reading “August 4th – Pretty impostor…”

August 14th – Snack time

I love this time of year because mother nature provides snacks for me whilst walking the 4 legged children, however, I need to be quick before they grab them before me…. The Flatties in particular are very fond of blackberries, and we always laugh at them sniffing the berries before carefully picking the ripe onesContinue reading “August 14th – Snack time”