July 20th – “I’ll help Mum”

So we picked most of the cherries on the tree this year because the dogs have been hoovering them up, despite our attempts to keep them out of the orchard area with fencing.

We aren’t being mean! A few weeks back, Callie (our flatcoated retriever) was quite poorly, and kept being sick. We looked at the contents deposited on the new lounge carpet, and managed to work out that she had eaten a load of cherries off of the tree. This is the first year she has shown any interest in them. Further research informed us that the cherry pit, leaves and stalks contain cyanide, and eaten in large quantities can be fatal.

Thankfully Callie recovered, but this is the reason for the picking, and subsequent jam making of the cherries. Please be warned about the dangers to dogs of cherries, and let friends / family know if they have cherry trees and dogs.

Today’s picture is of Alfie (our Large Munsterlander), taking a very keen interest in the whole jam making process…..

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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