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    December 22, 2019 by

    I have set myself a new challenge of taking a photo every day in 2020. Any subject, but I want it to be thought provoking……..

  • May 29th – Dinner party

    May 29, 2020 by

    Just over a week ago two dear friends arrived in their motorhome. Clive and Sarah rented out their house to go on a 12 month trip around Europe in their motorhome. Like many others, this was severely disrupted by Covid-19 and they needed to make a dash back to the UK, but had no home… Read more

  • May 28th – My turn to play….

    May 28, 2020 by

    My turn to play in the kitchen again. Tonight’s meal was chicken breast, wrapped in panchetta, on a bed of spinach and garlic mash. It wasn’t bad, if I do say so myself. The dogs did request some but alas there was none left.

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