A little note to talk about our connection with relatives. This weekend, Denise’s cousins came to stay with their lovely wives.

This came about after a succession of family funerals, which seems like the only time we see each other, and so we made a plan to put that right, meeting in happier times.

Whilst we were sat around, knocking back the odd beer / G&T together, we reflected on how things have changed in our lifetimes. When we were growing up, people took time out (especially on a Sunday afternoon) to jump in the car and visit relatives.

In today’s hectic 24/7 world, It is difficult to find the time to do the nice things in life, especially if you work. It is relatively simple to video call or send an instant message, and people do connect on social media platforms, sharing what they are up to with pictures, but it isn’t quite the same as sitting, chatting, eating and drinking together.

We were blessed with really hot weather, and so our initial plan of doing some nice walks in the countryside were scuppered, instead we ‘chilled’ (a very inappropriate verb considering the temperature).

As we emerge from Covid restrictions, why not reach out to those people close to you. We had a great time. Hugs

Our 4 legged children insisted on photo bombing us

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