May 29th – Dinner party

Just over a week ago two dear friends arrived in their motorhome. Clive and Sarah rented out their house to go on a 12 month trip around Europe in their motorhome. Like many others, this was severely disrupted by Covid-19 and they needed to make a dash back to the UK, but had no homeContinue reading “May 29th – Dinner party”

May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….

How are you coping? Living in close proximity to loved ones for an extended period, with no interactions with others can really test relationships In order to survive I believe it takes understanding, empathy, humour, and compromise. I normally drive my wife up the wall, but on this occasion she couldn’t find a wall soContinue reading “May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….”

May 20th – So close

Thankfully golf courses are back open with covid precautions to help prevent the spread. I play at Orchardleigh, and the depth of holes have been reduced, and flags are not allowed to be removed. Players must also stay 2 meters away from each other. It is great to be back out playing again, especially onContinue reading “May 20th – So close”

May 18th – Queues

The new normal? I’m not sure how many will agree with this observation, but since the 2m rule, people seem a lot more chilled and easy going. The queues I have been in are generally well ordered, and people tend to chat to others in the line. No pushing and shoving. Let’s hope it continuesContinue reading “May 18th – Queues”

April 2nd – Books

Following on from yesterday’s post re boredom, today’s post is about books. We love travel, and as we have time on on hands, yet not permitted to travel, I have been looking through some books and doing some planning for places to go when the current restrictions lift. But whatever you’re interested in, why notContinue reading “April 2nd – Books”

April 1st – What’s mum doing?

How are you filling your days? Well, if you’re not a key worker, I’m guessing you have more time on your hands than normal. I’ve seen quite a few posts about people being bored, and so my posts over the next few days will attempt to give a few suggestions, that most people should beContinue reading “April 1st – What’s mum doing?”

March 31st – First car journey???

OK!! Calm down…. 🙂 We ventured out today to enable Denise to donate some blood (considered essential travel for the NHS). But this was a tough decision, as on one hand we have been self isolating as she is an asthmatic and so the decision to go into a public place to donate needed toContinue reading “March 31st – First car journey???”