August 21st – Nosey neighbours….

Obviously not our lovely human neighbours, but our bovine friends in the back field. They are very inquisitive, watching me move various items from the cabin into Eric, the new workshop. The cabin is nearly empty now, and almost ready for a good clean and maybe a coat of paint. It’s been an emotional experience,Continue reading “August 21st – Nosey neighbours….”

July 6th – Goodbye summer house…..

Today’s picture is of our summerhouse, minus glass and doors, just prior to demolition. It was here when we bought the house 16 years ago, and has lasted well, but has now started to rot, and rodents have also been munching it. I am going to build a workshop in it’s place so that shouldContinue reading “July 6th – Goodbye summer house…..”

April 19th – Wildlife

We had an uninvited guest in our back garden. This little chap decided he wanted some of the nuts we put out for the birds. He was quite chilled hanging upside down for an eternity. It’s a good job our 4 legged children were inside, but whenever we see squirrels we immediately think of ourContinue reading “April 19th – Wildlife”