May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy

We’ve all see them, but do we appreciate them. Bees are so important to our agriculture, pollinating our crops. Without bees it is estimated our farmers would spend £1.8 billion to pollinate. Bees also appear in many parts of our culture. From pub signs and town names, from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, from beehive hair-dosContinue reading “May 23rd – Bee-ing Busy”

May 21st – Small things

A little photo from my little wander with the woofers this afternoon. This little chap was busy flitting from one bush to another. I have no idea what type is, nor whether it is a moth or a flutterby…. whoops butterfly 🙂 but it got me thinking about what it would be like to beContinue reading “May 21st – Small things”

May 12th – Where are the strings?

I got another slap for this comment when my eagle eyed wife said “look at the Red kites”. Not my best photo, as they were very high, but nice to see anyway. After being almost wiped out in the UK, a re-introduction programme was launched. In 1989, six Swedish birds were released at a siteContinue reading “May 12th – Where are the strings?”

May 11th – Price of property

Two deer …. Sorry – Couldn’t resist the dad joke…. Today’s photo was taken whilst walking the hounds from hell, who thankfully didn’t see them. It is so nice to be out and about in the countryside, looking for wildlife like these guys. Obviously, you don’t see wildlife on every trip, especially when you haveContinue reading “May 11th – Price of property”

May 10th – Building without planning permission!

We have been having a coffee in the morning out the front, and have noticed a very industrious builder incredibly close to the house…… OK – There’s a pair of pigeons constantly in and out of our hedge, and I am not sure about building a nest? The amount of work and material they takeContinue reading “May 10th – Building without planning permission!”

April 20th – What so you see?

Today’s photo, captured on my phone, could quite possibly be the worst photo I have ever taken. You can’t really see what it is…… Which actually is the point of today’s post. Confused? Thought so …. Let me explain…. Whilst on my walk with the 4 legged children today, I ‘safely’ saw/passed a few folkContinue reading “April 20th – What so you see?”

April 19th – Wildlife

We had an uninvited guest in our back garden. This little chap decided he wanted some of the nuts we put out for the birds. He was quite chilled hanging upside down for an eternity. It’s a good job our 4 legged children were inside, but whenever we see squirrels we immediately think of ourContinue reading “April 19th – Wildlife”

March 12th – Cleaners

We came across a flock of vultures on our travels today, riding the thermals, and obviously waiting to devour something. These creatures aren’t the prettiest bird in the world but they do a fantastic job of cleaning up our world. Imagine the smell of rotting carcasses, and the bacteria that goes along with death. TheseContinue reading “March 12th – Cleaners”