Feb 26th – is Graffiti art?

I came across today’s image on the wonderful beach at Tarifa. (Some might say it’s a Tarifica beach 🙂 ). Anyway, a certain graffiti artist called Banksy from the UK work sells for an awful lot of money. I’m not sure if he see’s any of the money as no one knows who he isContinue reading “Feb 26th – is Graffiti art?”

Feb 19th – What do you see?

Art is a weird old subject. Today’s picture won’t win any prizes, or be hung on any walls, so why did I take it? When out and about, I keep my eyes open and let my imagination run free, and this image represents a challenge, along with curiosity. My darling wife doesn’t call it curiosity,Continue reading “Feb 19th – What do you see?”