Feb 24th – Triggers

Nothing to do with guns I hasten to add, but memories. We may be away for a while but the certain things triggers memories of loved ones that have passed, and some folk that are still with us.

Today we had a wander around Estepona, a lovely little town if you ever get chance to visit (and we are not townies). Whilst sat outside in the sun, enjoying our coffee’s and people watching I glanced across to see today’s image.

Geraniums were my mum’s and her dad’s favourite plant, and seeing them on the front brought back happy memories of her, and of my late grandad.

Earlier on in the trip she was in our thoughts as we passed through Murcia (her name was Mercia – spelt differently but close enough). We also had conversations about a late friend of my wife’s called Vera as we passed through that town.

Those that have passed our forever in our hearts.

Thinking of you Mum x

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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