Jan 1st, 2021!! -Time to reflect

Happy New Year everyone. Today’s picture is of Alfie, taking time out from his hectic schedule of walking. eating, playing and sleeping, to reflect back on the past year.

Alfie reports that 2020 wasn’t so bad for him. He got to travel around Europe in January, February and part of March. When he got home the weather was great, and he went on loads of long walks. He got to talk to the neighbours on a Thursday evening after everyone had finished making a hell of a noise, and food was still available.

Is there a lesson from Alfie’s simplistic view of the world? Do we humans stress too easily when our lives don’t go the way we’d hoped?

At the start of last year I had set myself a goal to take a picture everyday, and post here. I was doing OK until we got back from our trip and lockdown hit, but then it became increasingly more difficult to find something different to shoot and talk about.

Initially I was disappointed having ‘FAILED’ in my mission, but then thought a bit more about it, getting things in perspective. I have a roof over my head; food available; great family and friends, and have survived a period of history which has claimed so many lives through Covid-19 and associated health issues. It’s better to have tried to achieve something, than not to try at all

When things don’t go our way, and the blues hit, maybe it’s to make us more appreciative of the good times. Hang on to those fabulous memories of past good times, and look forward to more to come, hopefully very soon in 2021.   Love to you all x

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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