May 29th – Dinner party

Just over a week ago two dear friends arrived in their motorhome. Clive and Sarah rented out their house to go on a 12 month trip around Europe in their motorhome. Like many others, this was severely disrupted by Covid-19 and they needed to make a dash back to the UK, but had no homeContinue reading “May 29th – Dinner party”

May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….

How are you coping? Living in close proximity to loved ones for an extended period, with no interactions with others can really test relationships In order to survive I believe it takes understanding, empathy, humour, and compromise. I normally drive my wife up the wall, but on this occasion she couldn’t find a wall soContinue reading “May 27th – Relationships during lockdown….”

May 21st – Small things

A little photo from my little wander with the woofers this afternoon. This little chap was busy flitting from one bush to another. I have no idea what type is, nor whether it is a moth or a flutterby…. whoops butterfly 🙂 but it got me thinking about what it would be like to beContinue reading “May 21st – Small things”

May 18th – Queues

The new normal? I’m not sure how many will agree with this observation, but since the 2m rule, people seem a lot more chilled and easy going. The queues I have been in are generally well ordered, and people tend to chat to others in the line. No pushing and shoving. Let’s hope it continuesContinue reading “May 18th – Queues”

May 16th – Memories

Again, love it or hate it, Facebook does pop up some memories which takes us back to different events. This time last year we were a few days into our Motorhome trip up to Scotland, and the weather was great. We took the woofers on a lovely walk on the Northumberland coast. Sitting here inContinue reading “May 16th – Memories”

May 7th – Make hay……

Today’s photo is of our neighbour cutting his grass…. makes my task look simple, but the old saying ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’ seems incredibly relevant during the lock-down period. There seems to be 2 schools of thought on what to do during the lock-down, be bored, sit and worry, or use the timeContinue reading “May 7th – Make hay……”

May 4th – As the sun sets…

I was sat contemplating what today’s photo story would be about when ….. Ping …. An IM arrives from my lovely neighbour…. “Have a look at the sky”. Well I see why. The sun setting over the horizon this evening was amazing, with the ferocious sun against a dark sky. Each time the sun goesContinue reading “May 4th – As the sun sets…”

April 26th – Lockdown thoughts

Not the best photo in the world but seeing a plane in the sky this afternoon seemed like a rare sight these lock-down days. As someone that cares about the planet, seeing less aeroplanes is a good thing. But on the other hand I love travel, and also having step son who is a pilotContinue reading “April 26th – Lockdown thoughts”

April 23rd – Memories

A lazy day, slobbing in the garden today due to the fabulous weather we have in the UK at the moment, but I looked through some old photos of this time last year and came across the photo below. It was another fab day, albeit not so warm, but we went on a great walkContinue reading “April 23rd – Memories”