August 25th – RNLI

We took the 4 legged children down to Cornwall for a few days, to see their Cornish cousins and owner. A trip in Dizzy (our motorhome) wouldn’t be normal unless we had some wild weather, and today was no exception thanks to storm Francis.

This mean’t the furry friends needed to stay out of the sea despite trying to sweet talk the lifeguard on duty, but they did manage a splash about in the river leading down to the beach at Holywell bay.

RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards are busier than ever, rescuing thousands of people and saving hundreds of lives around the coasts of the UK and Ireland every year. In 2019 alone, they saved 374 lives and helped over 38,700 people. Their lifesavers will always be there to help those in danger in the water. But too many lives are still being lost. Around 150 people* die accidentally in UK and Irish waters every year. Globally, there are 320,000 drowning deaths each year**. It’s a huge problem, but one the RNLI is determined to tackle. Their vision is to save every one, which you can read more
about in ‘Our Watch‘, the RNLI’s strategic intent document.

The RNLI works with communities and partners in the UK, Ireland and worldwide to prevent people from getting into danger before they need their help. They do this by creating greater awareness of drowning and promoting safer behaviour around water. As a modern emergency service, and a charity, they depend on trained and committed volunteer lifesavers. As they strive to save every one, they also depend on thousands of dedicated volunteer fundraisers. The funds they raise, together with supporter donations, powers the RNLI lifesaving.

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