May 5th – Callie…

4 years ago this little bundle of joy arrived in our home. Being the niece of Velvet, we thought their temperament would be similar…. How wrong could we be. Callie is a very chilled dog, loves / craves attention, and is incredibly loyal. She is full of energy and is brilliant at coming back whenContinue reading “May 5th – Callie…”

Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?”

Today’s post stars our Large Munsterlander Alfie. At just 18 months old, he is a big slop, but he his hunting instincts are acute, with the slight nervousness about water 🤣. The vast majority know that I love wildlife. I especially like to shoot wildlife……. Wait for it…… with my camera 📷, that way othersContinue reading “Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?””