July 29th – This way Dad!

This time last year we came home with this nutter. We have owned many different breeds over the years, including a number of spaniels (renowned for their mad characteristics), but Alfie (a Large Munsterlander) is in a different league.

It is difficult to summarise in words, but i’ll give it a go ….. Gentle giant; talkative; loopy; sensitive; stubborn; clever; playful; and defiant (at times).

If you see him out on a walk, seeing him bound around, playing with his flatcoat playmates, you might think it’s a different dog who snuggles down on the sofa in the evening, hoping his head is stroked.

But the most amusing trait is his vocal abilities. This dog talks, especially if you have something he wants (coffee, tea, your dinner etc).

At 7.30 (precisely) he starts a vocal onslaught. “What do you want Alfie” I hear the wife say. He then looks up at the window cill, where his 7.30 chews are kept for a second before locking eyes again. “Is it chew time, where are they?”. Again he looks, a little longer this time. He knows we are playing….

He is a wonderful dog, a great character that constantly makes us smile, even when he’s being naughty.

Shut up Alfie !!!

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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