March 11th – Ella

Today’s post is a very happy story for one young pup, not so for her siblings. Ella is about 5 weeks old and was found a few weeks back in a rubbish bag with all of her brothers and sisters who had unfortunately already died.

Ella is a Rafiero do Alentejo, also known as a Alentejo Mastiff, originally breed to protect livestock with Alentejo being the area of origin in South Central Portugal. She has a lot of growing to do…. Her paws are massive. Not a breed I’m familiar with, but Ella is very cute.

Anyway, Ella has been incredibly fortunate as she has been adopted by Robert and Joop, who are 2 very nice guys who run the campsite we have been staying at (see yesterdays post and click the campsite link to find out more).

As an animal lover, I can’t understand why people who own ‘pets’ or working animals do not get them neutered if they do not intend to breed from them? Yes, it costs money, but it saves a lot of heart ache, and complications should an unwanted pregnancy occur.

Ella – welcome to the world and I’m sure your Dad’s will spoil you x

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One thought on “March 11th – Ella

  1. It’s one of the uncomfortable issues we have in Spain Neil. We recently found the remains of 3 dogs who had probably been shot, if they were lucky, once the hunting season had finished. Things are changing thank goodness but slowly. She looks adorable

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