Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?”

Today’s post stars our Large Munsterlander Alfie. At just 18 months old, he is a big slop, but he his hunting instincts are acute, with the slight nervousness about water 🤣.

The vast majority know that I love wildlife. I especially like to shoot wildlife……. Wait for it…… with my camera 📷, that way others can enjoy the animals around us also.

So, as an owner of a dog breed for hunting, but also a nature lover, where do I stand on hunting???

Unfortunately human beings have screwed up the natural balance within our wildlife over the last few centuries, which means there are insufficient natural predators, leading to a need to cull certain species (deer for example) to prevent other parts of our natural world from being damaged or destroyed.

I am not a fan of hunting for ‘sport’. I can’t understand why people feel good about shooting 50 pheasants just because they can…..

When it comes to hunting, and hounds are used, again I am not a fan. However, [if] there’s a need to control the population of foxes or other animals, then, although it is barbaric, I favour using dogs to hunt rather than shooting…..

Why would someone who cares deeply about animals make such a statement??? Not lightly, I assure you, but, again IF, culling is required at least with dogs a healthy fit animal is likely to escape and only old or ill prey will be caught.

I know it’s a subject which carries very strong views, and my intent here is to look at the debate with a logical approach.

You may not agree with me, and that’s fine. Sometimes, I’m not sure I agree with myself 🤣, but thanks for reading and I hope you like today’s photo.

I’m not sure I can swim Dad!

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

One thought on “Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?”

  1. A tricky subject Neil that’s for sure. Unfortunately here in Spain once they are done with hunting dogs they just abandon them ( if the dog is lucky!!) or they suffer an awful death. We are veggie because we couldn’t face having to kill something to eat it!! If we as humans had left well alone I doubt this would even be ab issue. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous dogs as ever. Look forward to seeing you all soon xx

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