Jan 27th – The joys of travel

Now you may know that I don’t usually moan….. But, on this occasion, I will make a tongue in cheek exception.

Last night after a great day exploring we headed for an Aires in a little village called Thémines. We arrived and found that the service post was dead (no electric, water etc). No major worries, we had full batteries and tanks. The situation was right by a church and we were slightly amused that at 6pm, the bell rang 6 times, and then another 6 times about 10 seconds later (maybe the bell ringers wanted extra practise). Anyway, at half past the bell rang just the once. At 7pm the same thing happened, 7, rings – pause- 7 rings. We didn’t take to much notice, assuming that this would stop at 10pm or 11 pm at the latest.

How wrong could we have been. We must have found the only village in France where no one owned a watch or clock, and needed a second shot of counting in case they missed the first salvo, although why this was necessary at 3am is beyond me.

It’s one of those memories that will be synonymous with this trip. “Listen to those bells, do you remember that night in France…… “

Today’s picture isn’t of the Church in Thémines, but of a church in the stunning village of Puyceisi.

We have camped this evening in a quiet spot and both giggled when we heard church bells in the far distance. Hopefully some sleep tonight.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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