May 5th – Callie…

4 years ago this little bundle of joy arrived in our home.

Being the niece of Velvet, we thought their temperament would be similar…. How wrong could we be.

Callie is a very chilled dog, loves / craves attention, and is incredibly loyal. She is full of energy and is brilliant at coming back when called (unless she is chasing a hare or pheasant).

She can be a bit funny with other dogs initially. When we first met Alfie, she told him off a few times. Alfie’s original owner was really apprehensive, but we reassured him that she would come around. They are now best buddies, and Callie has helped train Alfie to come back to the whistle (sometimes 🤣).

We are incredibly fortunate to have her in our lives.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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