March 12th – Cleaners

We came across a flock of vultures on our travels today, riding the thermals, and obviously waiting to devour something. These creatures aren’t the prettiest bird in the world but they do a fantastic job of cleaning up our world. Imagine the smell of rotting carcasses, and the bacteria that goes along with death. TheseContinue reading “March 12th – Cleaners”

March 2nd – How will this day turn out?

We said adios to Spain, and Ola to Portugal today. We’ve really enjoyed Spain, the weather, food, and people have been great, but it’s time to head West and North as we’re 60% through our trip. We left our stop from last night and headed to the Supermarket to stock up on supplies, then hitContinue reading “March 2nd – How will this day turn out?”

Mar 1st – Dina & Uwe

We awoke and the walked the woofers. Today was mostly a driving day and mainly on highways with no opportunity for photos, heading for the border of Portugal with a few dog stops en-route. The scenery was pretty good, and we had a right giggle at tons of stork nests atop electric pylons, but timeContinue reading “Mar 1st – Dina & Uwe”