May 31st – No such thing as a free lunch

So Andy (step son) and Stella came over for a socially distanced lunch today, but the wife ‘suggested’ a task afterwards, which was sorting out her mosaic tiles into different colours. It was weirdly therapeutic, and thanks to some up cycled takeaway containers, the task was soon complete. It will really help Denise crack onContinue reading “May 31st – No such thing as a free lunch”

May 17th – Upcycling

I have always hated waste, and throwing things away to rot in landfill. I’d rather give things away free of charge rather than dump them. Today’s picture is the start of an upcycling project being embarked on by my wife. An old glass table has been rubbed down, painted and a mosaic design has started.Continue reading “May 17th – Upcycling”