April 7th – More help in the garden

Another fabulous day weather wise and so we carried on with some chores around the garden.

One of our lovely neighbours had started a bonfire and had asked if we had any rubbish that we needed to get rid of as all of the recycling centres are closed due to Corona Virus (keeping a safe distance obviously). We gratefully accepted, and started to drag the hedge trimmings to the fire, but Alfie had other ideas.

He offered his own kind of help as you can see in today’s photo. It would have been fine if he pulled in the same direction, but that would have been no fun for Alfie, instead it turned into a giant tug of war.

He is such a numpty, causing jobs to take a lot longer than it should with him around but we love him and the benefit of the laughter far outweighs the extra effort.

Alfie ‘Helping??’

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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