April 6th – Dusting off old photos

Following on from previous posts about what to do whilst having additional time on your hands, plus running out of ideas of what to shoot due to not leaving the house, tonight’s photo / post revisits some old shots.

I’m not sure about you, but it is rare to look through old photo’s and reminisce now that everything is stored digitally.

When I was growing up, people took far less photo’s and printed them, and so a photo album was often flicked through where 60 photo’s stuck in the book would span a couple of years. Some people take 60 in day on the phones these days, but why, if we don’t revisit them now and again.

This particular shot was taken at Mells Manor during the Mells Daffodil show in 2015. It is always held on Easter Monday, but obviously that won’t be happening this year.

It was taken from a low angle on a beautiful day. The aim was to capture the variety of springtime plants and colours. I hope you like it. I certainly enjoyed looking through a range of old photo’s looking for this photo.

Scenes from Mells Manor 2015

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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