April 20th – What so you see?

Today’s photo, captured on my phone, could quite possibly be the worst photo I have ever taken. You can’t really see what it is…… Which actually is the point of today’s post. Confused? Thought so ….

Let me explain…. Whilst on my walk with the 4 legged children today, I ‘safely’ saw/passed a few folk riding bikes, running or walking the dogs, but I also noticed a lot of them had ear phones in. Now, I love music, and so I can understand why people want to listen to it, but they are missing out on so many sounds of nature.

Going back to the photo, it is of a skylark, which is less than 20cm in length and has a wingspan of just over 30cm, but it flies very high, hence the spec in the sky photo (which has been enlarged). Even, with the naked eye they are tricky to find, but the sound they make is amazing.

It sang for quite a while giving me a chance to hone in and find it despite being a tiny spec. Why not ditch the headphones next time you’re out and listen out for the wonderful sounds of nature.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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