April 4th – Help?

Whilst on lock-down we have been doing quite a bit of gardening, and today’s photo is of one of the helpers, Velvet, now 10 and a half.

Whilst we dug, sweated, heaved and pulled thorns from our fingers, she calmly sat and watched and looked after the pick, meanwhile Alfie decided he would help be taking any stick that was put in the bag out again and shred it (all over the lawn).

Callie helped by marking the spot where we needed to dig by placing her ball in that exact spot, and by the time we had thrown it away and picked up the spade she had the ball back in place.

Alfie then decided he wanted to run around the garden with Denise’s gardening glove in his mouth, and tried to shake it to death.

I feel sorry for our neighbours, as they must have had quite an entertaining commentary.

Well, gardening is a good work-out, and it was good to be out in the sun, and fresh air, whilst complying with the governments rule of staying at home.

We are very fortunate, and feel very sorry for anyone that hasn’t got a garden in these weird times, but even if you haven’t got a garden, why not grow a few herbs on the window sill. Stay safe people – #Stayathome

Looking after the Pick Dad!

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