March 28th – Escape, Run for the hills!!

OK, a bit dramatic I’ll grant you, but it was great to get out with the 4 legged children this afternoon.

We are extremely lucky to live where we do, and although we love travelling, the countryside right on our doorstep is just stunning.

The picture’s below is inspired by the classic film – A sound of music. The title??:

“The Hills are alive, with the sound of Alfie”

Whenever a camera, or in today’s case a camera appears, he feels compelled to talk… Callie and Velvet just look in amazement.

Anyway, where ever you may be, why not have a wander in isolation to see what you can find. Breathe in and smell the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, watch them soar in the skies. Appreciate what you have, rather than yearning for what you haven’t. Stay safe, isolated & well my friends x

The Hill’s are alive , with the sound of Alfie……

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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