March 28th – Chickens

Today’s picture features our chickens, most of the hens are old, and no longer lay that many eggs, but we let them retire in peace, to thank them for their eggs when they were laying.

They are entertaining creatures, and I’m really not sure how they got the reputation of not being brave. If ever I’m in the chicken run, digging up nettles or other maintenance the chickens are all over you, and you need to be very careful not not to spear them with the garden fork as they jostle to get close to where the next worm maybe dug up. When we ran our B&B, our guests used to love the fresh eggs for breakfast.

Our lovely neighbours chickens used to come through and their cockerels had their wicked way resulting in our new, very pretty cockerel called Nemo. He is coming up to a year old now, and likes to strut his stuff, but the old hens aren’t so impressed.

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