March 30th – A message from Turbo…

Well, today was our scheduled return date from our trip, but we are mighty glad that we decided to make a run for it and got home earlier.

Self isolation is tough, I’m sure you’re all agree but it is for the good of all. But here in the first world we need to thank our lucky stars that we have homes to remain in. As this horrid disease spreads around the globe, imagine the impact on people living in high density shanty towns, with limited running water (so vital to wash hands thoroughly), sanitation, food or health facilities, so when we all get a little stir crazy, take a time to think how lucky we are in comparison to others.

Our friendly tortoise, Turbo, has a message for everyone. Slow down, chill, eat well, stay warm, clean and stay isolated. It’s worked for his species for millions of years, and they live a very long time. Stay safe and well friends.

Published by taumataman

Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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