March 31st – First car journey???

OK!! Calm down…. 🙂

We ventured out today to enable Denise to donate some blood (considered essential travel for the NHS). But this was a tough decision, as on one hand we have been self isolating as she is an asthmatic and so the decision to go into a public place to donate needed to be weighed up against the requirement of blood (especially B negative which only 2% of the population has) for the NHS.

After a phone call to ensure that our recent travels wouldn’t prevent her donating, and a few questions on precautions being taken to minimise the risk of catching the Corona Virus, she decided to go ahead.

There were good 2 meter marks on the floor, queuing outside was well ordered, chairs were well spaced, hand sanitisers were available, staff had masks, and you needed an appointment as opposed to drop in, so numbers were less than normal.

Well done to the donors and staff collecting. People still vital need surgery during these testing times and stocks of blood are lower than normal so if you can donate, please contact them (details here)

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