March 27th – Water

Well what a week it’s been….. This time last week we’d just got back from our trip (that now seems like months ago). Since then we have been self isolating, helped out by fantastic people in our village getting some supplies for us.

We did have a surprise guest today featured in today’s post. We decided during our trip to be more conscious of the water we use. As mentioned in a previous post, when travelling in a motor-home, you can only carry 100 Litres which really makes you conserve water.

Anyway, as part of our commitment, we decided to get out water metered, and they arrived today to ‘enable’ it. I’m was a bit surprised that they arrived today, as I thought the government said that all but non-essential work / travel should be avoided??

Of course the water companies need staff to fix issues, but fitting a meter is hardly essential. I do think some companies are not treating taking the Governments guidelines seriously, which could jeopardise the health of their workforce and extend this crisis for all of us, something none of us wants.

Stay safe people x

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One thought on “March 27th – Water

  1. I guess everything was done in such a rush that the finer details were not thought about. Here they have been trimming trees for heavens sake !!! However at times like this we have to just take a deep breath and ask ourselves if we could have done any better . Stay safe guys xxx


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