March 26th – Behind the scenes heros

Today’s image focuses on our beautiful countryside, and the farming communities that keep food on our shelves.

During the Covid-19 crisis, the NHS staff on the front-line rightly get a lot of thoroughly deserved praise and recognition from Government and the media for the fantastic work they do for those poor souls that have been taken poorly by this virus and other causes.

However, in this post I personally want to think about all people that keep all vital services, products and utilities running.

The list is endless, and I am bound to miss our some for which I apologise profusely, but without food from our farmers; without the lorry drivers that transport the food; without distribution centres and office staff coordinating supplies into our shops; without staff in our shops willing put themselves in contact with potentially infected customers etc etc we would all be in dire straits.

All of us rely on energy for our homes and to keep these vital services running; Telecoms to keep us in touch with loved ones and emergency services should the need arise; water that is safe to drink when we turn on the tap. These items do not just occur without huge teams working behind the scenes, quietly and without fuss.

It is so easy for us to take our whole supply chain which we rely on so heavily for granted, so along with the hero’s on the front-line, I’d also like to give a huge THANK-YOU to everyone else that keep us fed, watered, warm, informed and safe.

Let’s not forget where our food comes from ….

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