April 24th – choices….

Today’s post is about one of my favourite tipples…. Gin. There are so many excellent gins on the market at the moment, and when you multiply that by the different tonics, plus garnishes the choice of drinks are vast. I tend to always try gins neat before deciding what tonic to add. If the neatContinue reading “April 24th – choices….”

April 23rd – Memories

A lazy day, slobbing in the garden today due to the fabulous weather we have in the UK at the moment, but I looked through some old photos of this time last year and came across the photo below. It was another fab day, albeit not so warm, but we went on a great walkContinue reading “April 23rd – Memories”

April 21st – Another blooming lovely day

Not too much to say today, but hopefully a nice picture for you. This was taken whilst taking the dogs out earlier. The blossom and blue skies definitely helps lift ones spirits. Imagine if we had to endure lockdown during mid winter, with cold weather and grey skies. Let’s all stay home, stay safe andContinue reading “April 21st – Another blooming lovely day”

April 18th – Anxiety

Today’s post is inspired by the dog walk and photo below. We went through some woods filled with wild garlic, just coming out in white flowers. So what does this have to do with anxiety I hear you ask? Well, there is a technique called the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding exercise. There are a few variations ofContinue reading “April 18th – Anxiety”

March 23rd – Social distancing

I’m not sure the 4 legged children have got the idea of social distancing or self isolating…. It would be great to have 2 minutes to sit quietly and use my laptop or phone without aforementioned kids shoving a wet nose in your face, giving you a wash or using you as a bean bag.Continue reading “March 23rd – Social distancing”