March 23rd – Social distancing

I’m not sure the 4 legged children have got the idea of social distancing or self isolating…. It would be great to have 2 minutes to sit quietly and use my laptop or phone without aforementioned kids shoving a wet nose in your face, giving you a wash or using you as a bean bag.

Of course I joke, and to be honest I was struggling to think of something to write about this evening until I was pounced upon.

I was incredibly lucky to get a round of golf in with 3 buddies today, due to the course management team keeping the course open, but with really strict rules regarding people staying 2m apart, which was policed by course marshall’s going around in buggies. Other rules included no hand shaking at the end of the game, no rakes in the bunkers, reduced hole depths, and no removal of the flags, but the mental benefits to my mental health was tremendous.

Outside, with friends that understood the rules and respected others health, but we still had a great laugh, put the world to right and hit a few balls.

My fear in these ‘different’ times is that the actions of a few who are not taking this seriously will make the lives of the majority a lot more difficult…. I hope I’m wrong.

Assume your infected and have a mindset that you don’t want to infect others. If you have been infected, even mildly, and you recover you can still be infectious to others, and you can catch it again – Full story here

Stay safe and well x

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