March 22nd – Hope….

Today’s image was taken from the sanctuary of our back garden, and with so much doom and gloom in our world at the moment, it made me think about the future.

The buds on our cherry tree are symbolic of our situation at the moment. They have been isolated and dormant, but are now showing signs of coming out after a long winter, and we finally have blue skies.

Our lives will be like these little buds in a short while. Like the buds, we have to be patient, stay isolated and reserve our energy for when this nasty bug retreats from our lives.

It will happen, things will get better, and like these little buds, our lives will flourish again, and businesses will re-open.

I feel desperately sorry for the businesses (especially in the hospitality and tourism sector) that have been hit so hard and quickly. Let’s all spare a thought for those people who may be struggling with a business, or have been laid off due to this crisis.

I am putting a little money aside each week of this crisis that would have been spent on the odd coffee, or beer and will pledge to spend it locally once we get back on our feet.

Stay strong, be sensible and patient, and happy Mother’s day to all the amazing Mum’s out there x

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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