August 10th – When you have a Large Munsterlander….

A bit of a weird photo today, featuring a very chewed Croc, belonging to my wife. It quite often finds itself on the back of the sofa, thanks to Alfie, who seems to have adopted it as his favourite toy…… It is a common occurrence to find just one shoe (usually when you’re in aContinue reading “August 10th – When you have a Large Munsterlander….”

August 7th – Alfie’s post

Dis is Alfie on pops puter…… He and mama takes us to de seasides today, and we splashes in da seas wiv our friend Sweep. He is sort of a flatcoat with a few bits added. He’s a lucky boi cos he lives by the seaside wiv his Mama Anna. Anna and my mama haveContinue reading “August 7th – Alfie’s post”

July 29th – This way Dad!

This time last year we came home with this nutter. We have owned many different breeds over the years, including a number of spaniels (renowned for their mad characteristics), but Alfie (a Large Munsterlander) is in a different league. It is difficult to summarise in words, but i’ll give it a go ….. Gentle giant;Continue reading “July 29th – This way Dad!”

August 2nd – What do you see?

Today’s picture is from a little stroll with the 4 legged children, and as you’ll see they are running back to me (a rare event – lol). When you look at the old stump, what do you see? The furry ones told me they saw a old fellow, holding a sword into the ground likeContinue reading “August 2nd – What do you see?”

July 26th – Who ate the eggs??

Having 4 legged children has many benefits, but today’s post focuses on another aspect. One of these 3, knocked the eggscalator off of the counter complete with 18 eggs. There was very little evidence, as they cleared up (including the shells that they love). We are pretty sure Callie (centre) was the ring leader, asContinue reading “July 26th – Who ate the eggs??”

May 14th – Help required??

You may be able to help. Alfie, our Large Munsterlander has a problem. The symptoms? Well he says that he occasionally has a syndrome which increases the weight of his head. It’s so bad, he needs to rest his chin on something. After much observation, this syndrome seems to be triggered by nice smells comingContinue reading “May 14th – Help required??”

May 9th – When neighbours don’t respect boundaries….

Sorry neighbours….. Alfie has been a bit vocal today. Some heifers were very inquisitive today, looking over the back fence (not to mention eating one of our tree’s). Alfie took it upon himself to tell them off, from a safe distance of course, on numerous occasions.

April 25th – Helpers?

Another baking hot day, and you would think that the 4 legged children would want to lay in the shade being black, but oh no, they decided to ‘help’ me in the garden. This ‘help’ consisted of stealing tools; sitting on me; checking the screwdriver whilst in use; removing sweat from my face with theirContinue reading “April 25th – Helpers?”