Jan 30th – Travelling with dogs…..

Travelling with our 4 legged children has it’s disadvantages…. You never get a lie in, you can’t take long walks around a town taking in the sights, you constantly trip over the blighters in the motorhome, and they sometimes roll in stuff you couldn’t imagine how bad it smells. But the advantages far out-way theContinue reading “Jan 30th – Travelling with dogs…..”

Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?”

Today’s post stars our Large Munsterlander Alfie. At just 18 months old, he is a big slop, but he his hunting instincts are acute, with the slight nervousness about water 🤣. The vast majority know that I love wildlife. I especially like to shoot wildlife……. Wait for it…… with my camera 📷, that way othersContinue reading “Jan 28 – “Can I get it Dad?””

Jan 26th – 4 legged children

Today’s shot is of our 4 legged children (Callie, Alfie and Velvet). Their lives are so simple. They don’t care where they are in the world; what the weather is like; who the prime minister is etc, etc. No stress…. Their wants are very simple: Food, Play / Walks, shelter and sleep. If there’s suchContinue reading “Jan 26th – 4 legged children”

Jan 23rd – Good times

We stopped off last night with friends that are living their dream. Having sold their place in the UK, they now have a stunning place in rural France. It needs some work but they are excited by the prospect of their project and have great plans to put their own stamp on the place. OneContinue reading “Jan 23rd – Good times”

Jan 22nd – The first day of our little jaunt

We had an interesting night in a cabin with 3 dogs, and needed to be up at 5am (uk time) to get off the ferry. It was very cold but our spirits were high, looking forward to our trip. As we headed off, deliberately avoiding motorways to enjoy villages enroute, the dash thermometer got downContinue reading “Jan 22nd – The first day of our little jaunt”