August 4th – Pretty impostor…

We have a weed in our lawn, but it’s pretty so we’re leaving it in. Not quite sure what it is, but plantsnap suggests that it maybe a common / dwarf mallow (Malva neglacta). If it is this, then the plant is considered a weed, but is often consumed as food, especially the seeds whichContinue reading “August 4th – Pretty impostor…”

August 14th – Snack time

I love this time of year because mother nature provides snacks for me whilst walking the 4 legged children, however, I need to be quick before they grab them before me…. The Flatties in particular are very fond of blackberries, and we always laugh at them sniffing the berries before carefully picking the ripe onesContinue reading “August 14th – Snack time”

August 13th – Goodbye old friend

A sad day, as we empty the truck ready for a trade in tomorrow. Having had this vehicle for the last 16 years, we have very fond memories of adventures in it. Probably, the most memorable was the time (many years ago) that we took the 4 kids to Northern France in it. Following theContinue reading “August 13th – Goodbye old friend”

August 10th – When you have a Large Munsterlander….

A bit of a weird photo today, featuring a very chewed Croc, belonging to my wife. It quite often finds itself on the back of the sofa, thanks to Alfie, who seems to have adopted it as his favourite toy…… It is a common occurrence to find just one shoe (usually when you’re in aContinue reading “August 10th – When you have a Large Munsterlander….”

August 9th – Workshop…

Just a few minor finishing touches required to my lock-down project, but the move from the old to the new workshop has commenced. This will enable us to clear out the cabin and renovate it into a garden bar / summerhouse. It has been hard work, but good fun. If a carpenter saw it, heContinue reading “August 9th – Workshop…”