June 22nd – The collection grows

Over the last few weeks we have redecorated the lounge, mainly due to the leak of water trashing the ceiling, but it was due to be done soon anyway. We also sorted out the jungle of cables from the TV and other associated boxes, and went for a new carpet. This meant getting everything outContinue reading “June 22nd – The collection grows”

June 21st – Birthday

A short post today as I rack up another digit on the age abacus. My wife and I agreed not to buy  presents because if we want anything, it is ordered and usually arrives the following day. My favourite present is presence. Seeing friends and family, and making memories are priceless gifts for me. MyContinue reading “June 21st – Birthday”

June 17th – Socially distanced coffee mornings

Today’s picture features our neighbours Jules & Phil, and our drive guests Sarah & Clive. We have been having a morning natter for a while now, breaking the monotony of social isolation. Everyone brings their own drinks and stays 2m apart to stay within the guidelines. The subject matter varies greatly, depending on what’s happeningContinue reading “June 17th – Socially distanced coffee mornings”

June 14th – Invaders

So I shifted our motorhome on to the drive for a few minutes to give it a clean, but when I looked around these 2 had parked their MoHo and made themselves at home!!! OK, so a little exaggeration…… Our dear friends Clive and Sarah found themselves stranded due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Like us,Continue reading “June 14th – Invaders”