Feb 8th – Health and safety???

A bit of comedy for today’s post. Whilst walking today we came across this tree, apparently being supported by a small plank of wood 🤣🤣, or was the tree holding the plank in place??🤣🤣 You can imagine the insurance claim…. ‘well I was walking down the street and a tree fell on me, it obviouslyContinue reading “Feb 8th – Health and safety???”

Feb 7th – Geology….. Makes you wonder

We took the 4 legged children for a walk in Parc Natural de la Serra Calderona. It was gorgeous, fab scenery, fresh air and very few people, but as we wandered along dirt tracks, surrounded by mountains, the mind started wandering (as normal). What wildlife might still exist in the caves high up in theContinue reading “Feb 7th – Geology….. Makes you wonder”

Feb 6th – Where would you rather be?

We walked the hounds, and carried out some chores before hitting the road again. Our ‘rough’ plan was to follow the med coast southwards, but travelling with our 4 legged children in Spain has thrown up some challenges. Our dogs love to run, off the lead, sniff and chase and have fun. Unfortunately most ofContinue reading “Feb 6th – Where would you rather be?”

Feb 2nd – Reflections

We saw an amazing sunset this evening, and I tried to capture it the best I could in the photo below. (hope you like it). But reflections can mean many different things to many people. At my stage of life, I find myself reflecting more and more about the decisions / choices I have madeContinue reading “Feb 2nd – Reflections”

Jan 30th – Travelling with dogs…..

Travelling with our 4 legged children has it’s disadvantages…. You never get a lie in, you can’t take long walks around a town taking in the sights, you constantly trip over the blighters in the motorhome, and they sometimes roll in stuff you couldn’t imagine how bad it smells. But the advantages far out-way theContinue reading “Jan 30th – Travelling with dogs…..”