Feb 4th – Steve & Bryan …..

When travelling you come across some really interesting characters. We were delighted and honoured to have just such an experience today. Steve (the human from Grimsby) and his dog Bryan (named after a certain Bryan Adams) were travelling around in his van (The Dream Catcher).

Steve chuckled when he said the stickers on his van cost more the the van itself, and he would be the first to admit that The Dream Catcher stood out like a sore thumb amongst the Motorhomes in the park, but material things don’t matter. He was a free spirit, travelling with his dog, having fun like the rest of us.

I was particularly touched by the sticker of a Robin on the side of the Dream catcher. Steve explained that his dad loved Robin’s, and when every he saw one he felt like his late dad was watching over him, so he decided to take his late Dad on his trip via the sticker.

We chatted on many occasions about nature, peace and quiet, and other travel related stories (like him losing his passport on this trip). I’m sure had we met earlier in life, or lived closer we’d become really good friends.

He had ditched the suit, collar & tie world to enjoy life, and he shared what he did prior to his retirement. Any guesses?? I would never had guessed in a million years. Today’s moral – ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’.

When composing this blog in my head, and couldn’t help but think of the way Billy Connelly would have told the story, his Scottish accent singing the words, and Steve could spin a yarn like the Big Yin himself.

As Steve headed North, and us South, we wished each other safe travels, and if you ever need a place to park the Dream Catcher whilst travelling through Somerset, be sure to give us a call – You’d be very welcome.

Steve & Bryan

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3 thoughts on “Feb 4th – Steve & Bryan …..

  1. Hi Neil and Denise – sounds like you are having a fantastic trip. Interesting people and fantastic places. Can’t believe you’ve got 3 dogs with you – brilliant. You take it all in your stride don’t you!
    Mike eating for England at the moment. Gentle snorkelling in the bay and a few Vinos. He’s still fragile but we’ll soon build him up. Love to you both. X


    1. Awe bless…. Mike’s trip made ours look like a gentle stroll in the park. We are very proud of his achievement. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we’ll catch up when we’re back. Love and hugs to you both xx


  2. What a great blog..I have and will continue to read with interest. It was so good to meet you both and thank you for your kind words. Keep Living Your Dream and enjoy your adventure best regards Steve aka Dangerous and Bryan!😁

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