Feb 9th – Best Buddy?

Today’s picture features our youngest dogs. Callie, a 4 year old Flatcoated retriever, and Alfie, our 18 month old Large Munsterlander.

When Alfie first joined our pack, Callie was Callie…… A bit off to put it mildly. She needs to adapt to change in her own time, and snapped a few times at Alfie when he came along to say hi, play with me, but within 48 hours they became best buddies, and remain so to this day.

Just before this photo was taken it was Alfie’s head on Callie, but as soon as I moved to get the camera they moved as normal, so now with camera in hand it was a waiting game pretending to play on my phone and they settled down again (albeit the other way around.

Very cute, I’m sure you’ll agree, but it got me thinking about close relationships. I’m in contact with many a troubled soul via some charity work I have become involved in (SHOUT – https://www.giveusashout.org/).

Most, if not all of the people needing help have no one close to confide in. It may sound daft, but it it is far easier to identify a mentor or confidant before you really need them.

If you know some one who struggles with their mental health, why not offer to be there for them should they ever need it, just to listen, not to judge, correct, or give an opinion – Just listen.

These 2 definitely have each other to lean on. Hugs to all

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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