Jan 18 – My turn to cook??? You’re joking, right???

I am incredibly fortunate to have married a lovely person, and a fabulous cook, which has led me to become a little lazy when it comes to sharing duties in the kitchen. My excuse your honour, is that there is no way I would live up to the incredibly high standards of Denise…. But IContinue reading “Jan 18 – My turn to cook??? You’re joking, right???”

Jan 17 – Does he work for MI5?

Owning a dog (especially a Large Munsterlander) can be very therapeutic. They are great characters, and you never know what might occur next…. They also get you out in all weather (as I found out earlier) when today’s photo was taken. Now, back to the title of this post…. Well, Alfie is obsessed with lookingContinue reading “Jan 17 – Does he work for MI5?”

Jan 16 – ch-ch-ch-changes…..

Some changes in our local field today. I felt sorry for the guys out in the weather which was pretty wild today. Different people see change in different ways. For example, some people living in Rogers Close will now have enhanced views across the beautiful countryside toward Frome. Others might think about the impact toContinue reading “Jan 16 – ch-ch-ch-changes…..”