Jan 18 – My turn to cook??? You’re joking, right???

I am incredibly fortunate to have married a lovely person, and a fabulous cook, which has led me to become a little lazy when it comes to sharing duties in the kitchen.

My excuse your honour, is that there is no way I would live up to the incredibly high standards of Denise…. But I have been playing a little more in the kitchen just recently.

There’s still no way I can compete with D’s culinary skills, but this evening a opened a bottle of wine (all great chef’s cook with wine don’t they?); set some music going and started reading Mary Berry’s fab recipe book.

I opted for cannelloni, with baked stuffed mushrooms, and some garlic bread.

I thought we had all the ingredients, but because we’re away traveling soon, Denise made some use it up soup. Anyway, our lovely neighbour Jules donated a carrot and away I went.

I really enjoyed the time, chopping this and stirring that, with the odd glug of wine (no wine was needed for the recipe – lol), and the meal was pretty decent.

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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