Feb 17th – To plan or not?

Isn’t life strange??? We left our base from last night and headed back towards the coast. I assumed (incorrectly) that the dear lady in my phone that has been giving directions so far would take us back the same way as we ventured yesterday, but you know the old saying about assume – It makes an ASS out of U and ME.

Anyway we followed the dear ladies instructions, as all good tourists should, and left a perfectly good highway to go down a single lane track with our 2.3m wide, 3.85 tonne motorhome (named Dizzy).

Just before I started to cuss (yes, I know it’s a shock but I have been known to cuss), we came across a disused railway line and just after it was an area of dirt we could safely park Dizzy. Perfect for a dog walk we think….

Well it turns out it couldn’t have been more perfect had we planned it. The dogs had a good run thanks to the local rabbits, the scenery was stunning, and there were plants growing wild everywhere, including rocket, tobacco and fennel.

The workers in the fields were picking oranges and cabbages and the sun shone brightly. A fabulous walk.

I’m a great believer in fate, and we struck gold today with our little detour. We got back to Dizzy and found a great little spot almost immediately to camp, even though it was only lunchtime, so out came the barbeque, we had lunch and enjoyed a sunny afternoon listening to the gentle sound of the sea lapping the shores whilst we read our books.

The 4 legged children got to go for a swim in the sea, so they we happy. A great day, completely unplanned, which for someone who spent the majority of his working life having plan A, B and C ready is very refreshing.

A perfect woofer walk

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3 thoughts on “Feb 17th – To plan or not?

  1. Most of our best days travelling were unplanned. Im a great believer of just going with the flow, nearly always works out for the best. Enjoy the rest of your trip, it looks amazing xxxx


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