Feb 16th – Mountains or sea?

A dear friend at home has been following our travels and he used to live in this part of Spain. He sent us a message yesterday and suggested that we took a trip inland to see Velez Blanco, a pretty village in the hills with a castle.

We looked at the map and were unsure? It was an hour inland… what about the dogs?? … ya-de-ya….

Anyway we awoke this morning on the coast and walked the woofers on the beach, but the weather was very overcast, and so we decided to take a trip inland.

We are so glad we did. As we drove inland and up into the mountains we rose above cloud level to see beautiful scenery en-route. We got to our destination, parked up and went for a wander with the 4 legged children. The village was very pretty and the castle fabulous. I won’t bore you with the history here, but google it if you’re into that.

After the wander we sat outside and had a bite to eat in the sunshine, done some more people watching, practised a bit more Spanish and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The weather was so good we stopped in a small Aires mid afternoon, and read our books. Siesta??? Well maybe just a short 40 winks. We’ll probably head back down to the coast tomorrow but who knows…. That’s the beauty of this trip. We have a start point, and an end point but what happens in-between is up to us, a little bit like life itself. We are all born (although some claim I was hatched), and we will all die but what happens in-between is up to us and the choices we make.

I hope your life journey is happy and healthy.

Enjoy the journey

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

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