Feb 18th – Derelict buildings

Sorry, but I have a fascination for old, derelict buildings, and we have seen many on our travels, especially in Spain.

I am not quite sure what the appeal is, but that is not a surprise as I have so many random thoughts running through my skull, it would take a coach load of psychotherapists happy for decades, but I’ll throw a few pointers out there.

The first is the history. When was it last occupied? Who were the owners? what happened to them? How was the building used? Was it a happy or sad place?

The second is about the present. Who owns it now? What are their plans for it? Will it ever be restored or completely demolished?

The third is sadness. With so many homeless people in the world, why do we have empty buildings? How could it be used for the greater good?

The forth is opportunity. If I owned it what would I do with it? What is around to help bring life back into this building? How much work would be required?

We came across today’s picture whilst walking the mutts, high in the hills in the middle of nowhere.

I think with its position so close to a mountain bike track it would make an ideal centre for a campsite for nature lovers, walkers and cyclists. With a little cafe, and reception area, toilet / shower block this place could be a fantastic venue for the outdoors type…. What would you do with it?

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Slightly mad, with a love of nature and photography.

One thought on “Feb 18th – Derelict buildings

  1. It reminds me so much of Cornwall. Think I would be selfish and have it all for ourselves and visiting friends family and dogs too of course


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